Jasmin Stovrag: I hardly waited for every new day during these two months of KLIKA PRAKSA

March 30th 2020

My name is Jasmin Stovrag and I'll tell you my story of Klika internship. I was working as a teaching assistant at IT (Empirica) University and I decided that programming on some real projects is what interests me and what I want to do. My “riding the waves” at Klika started with my intention to expand my knowledge in the field of Android development and to learn new technologies and practices that are used in the development of applications. After my application for the intership in Klika I had the first interview in which I talked about myself and another interview in which they briefly checked my past experience and knowledge regarding the position I had applied for. After I got notified that I was admitted to the internship in the position of Android Developer I was happy that I will have a chance to improve my knowledge, gain experience and do what I like. Internship was designed to last 8 hours a day, which was a clear sign that it is a serious matter and that I will have a chance to push my limits.

At the beginning, I would like to praise the collegiality and affability of people in the company who are always there if we have a problem. This I found with the first person that I contacted and it was Darjan, the Talent Manager, and later with others. My first days at Klika were really positive in every sense, and that is the impression I had this whole time I spent at Klika. The first day of internship company gave us gifts and took us to lunch, which shows that the company in many segments dedicates time and attention to its employees as well as to their guests. So, in a relaxed atmosphere, we were introduced to each other and our mentors with whom we had a really good cooperate this whole time. 

For the first few days we had presentations on some important technologies that we will use in our practice and after that we started to develop the project we got. My role as an Android Developer was to transform the demands we get into a functional application using technology for Android development and accompanying the principles of clean architecture. At the beginning of each week, we defined what's going to be done in one week and that is what we call one Sprint, and every next Monday we had a Demo in which we would present what was done the previous week. Also, after that with our Scrum Master Sabina, we would discuss what was good in previous and what will we fix in the next Sprint. Our working day would start at 9 o'clock. My colleague on Android development Nedim and I had a practice to merge our code at first and after that we continue to work on our tasks. At 10 o'clock we would have a stand up to briefly acquaint ourselves with what has been done, what needs to be done that day and to tell if we have some problems that block us in the work. Then the magic of coding continued. I must praise my mentor Ensar, who was always there to explain some things to us or to help with code if we needed some help. I've learned a lot about teamwork and our team of 10 people with each day was getting better and more productive. I am glad we took seriously the work we were doing and that we were giving our best to get things done at the end of the week. Currently I am at master studies and since we could arrange to attend lectures at shool, and complete our tasks some other time of the day, this internship did not stand in the way of my academic success, despite the full-time schedule. At the end, I am very happy with what we have achieved and very proud of my teammates. 

The seriousness and well-prepared work plan of this internship at the enviable level and the people in the company was what really impressed me and what I really appreciated. Through this practice, the company had achieved that I was hardly waiting for every new day in which I was improving my skills within the company and that was so important to me. Thank you Klika. I hope that I will have a chance to join the full-time Klika team.


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