The research platform promoted at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo

6 Feb 2020

At the press conference held at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Sarajevo on February 6th, 2020, the results of months of work on the development of the research platform for the scientific research community engaged in the study and preservation of stećci tombstones were presented.  

This project was initiated by Professor Edin Bujak from the Department of Archeology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo and implemented in cooperation with software company Klika as a part of Klika’s Giveback campaign during the Internship program Klika Praksa.  

The attendees were addressed by Doz. Dr. Amir Duranović, Vice-Dean for International Cooperation and Research; Prof. Edin Bujak, Professor at the Department of Archeology; Prof. Dr. Adnan Kaljanac, Head of the Institute of Archeology; Halida Nuhanović, Software Engineer from Klika who worked on the project development within the Klika Praksa team; Iva Domljan, Product Owner on the project; and Latifa Imamović, Klika's Marketing Manager. Attendees had the opportunity to get acquainted with the functionalities of the platform and its importance for the preservation of stećak tombstones, as monuments of inestimable value.

On the inspiration for the project, Profesor Edin Bujak says, "One of the objectives of this project was to preserve our heritage by documenting and presenting it in a modern way through a modern database which has not been attempted in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far".  

Bujak adds that little is still known about stećak tombstones and that there are numerous tombstones that are ruined, used as a foundation for houses and roads, or disappeared. He states that the aim of this project is to establish communication and interact with citizens, who will be given the opportunity to report potentially unknown necropolis in their environment and then that necropolis is going to be presented, preserved, recorded and described in the right way. 

"If we do not communicate with people in the field, we have not achieved anything. Stećci tombstones are located in villages, on the hills, all around us and they are not kept by museums nor institutes, they are kept by people living next to them. If people do not realize the significance and the treasure they have next to them, we will surely lose everything we have", says Bujak. 

The research platform was implemented under the partnership of the Institute of Archeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo, and the software company Klika and is available for users through domain, and for downloads from App Store for iOS devices and from Google Play for Android. 

"It consists of two parts: The first one is the research platform that offers numerous opportunities to researchers who will have access to it; while the second part is the presentational platform through which we wanted to present stećak, as a cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to general public and tourists as well since the platform is available in two languages", says Latifa Imamovic, the Marketing Manager at Klika adding that they hope that the project would serve as an inspiration to other companies, educational and cultural institutions, for future cooperation. 

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